How far are you in your development?

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative is currently being created. It is based upon:

Our software and legal infrastructure will be further developed over the next few months, and will include:

  • our legal statutes, implementing the general ideas described here. Our statutes are under the final revision of a lawyer
  • a software for transitive voting delegation called LiquidFeedback, which will be implemented to control the Board
  • additions to the KuneAgi software, so that it enables all Strategic Decisions beyond the Public Policy Proposals that are currently implemented.

We are currently gathering a pan-Euroepan group of founders, in order to create our European Cooperative Society with full legal recognition across the whole European Union and to start our operations.

The site manager of the site is Sergio Arbarviro. Sergio Arbarviro is a pseudonym (see here why we use pseudonyms). He can be reached by e-mail at his address, which has the following structure: <given name>.<family name> His real name and address are available to law enforcement authorities with the web hoster Gandi (France).