Our statutes ensure internal democracy


The CosmoPolitical Cooperative's statutes outline its purpose and internal democracy. They define its goal – the Society of Agreement with social justice, environmental sustainability, and pan-European democracy by 2050.

There are three types of members: Cooperators, Employees, and National Organizations. Decision-making involves a Board of Directors and a Mediation and Arbitration Council, all democratically elected.

Strategic Decisions are initiated, amended and decided by all Cooperators. Operational Decisions are made by the Board of Directors, with Cooperators controlling important ones. Conflicts are handled by the Mediation and Arbitration Council.

The Cooperative works for the entire European Union, representing Cooperators regardless of nationality. National Organizations may exist temporarily for legal reasons but have minimal autonomy.

The purpose of the statutes of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative is to specify their purpose and to ensure the internal democracy of the Cooperative.

They specify the Cooperative's raison d'être, as defined in Article 1835 of the French "Code Civil": to carry out its political programme, namely the Society of Agreement, highlighting social justice, environmental sustainability and pan-European democracy, in 2050 or earlier.

The Cooperative has three types of members: Cooperators, Employees and National Organisations. There are two decision-making bodies: the Board of Directors and the Mediation and Arbitration Council, both composed of Cooperators and democratically elected by Cooperators. National Organisations are composed of Cooperators whose citizenship is that of the corresponding Member State.

The decision-making logic of the Statutes is as follows:

  • all decisions granting powers to Cooperators, committing significant resources or irreversibilities, or likely to lead to a sanction of Cooperators, National Organisations or the Board of Directors, qualified as Strategic Decisions, are taken at the initiative of Cooperators. Any Cooperator has the right to initiate an Action Proposal potentially leading to a Strategic Decision, to amend it in a dedicated and ephemeral Working Group, and to participate in the selection of those Action Proposals to be implemented by the Cooperative. This general structure is adapted for each Type of Strategic Decision.
  • the other decisions, qualified as Operational Decisions, are taken by the Board of Directors. The most important of these Operational Decisions are controlled a priori by Cooperators. The latter may freely delegate this power of control among themselves.

A Mediation and Arbitration Council manages conflicts between Cooperators, Employees, National Organisations and the Board of Directors. It also decides on the sanctions to be applied to them in the event of failure to comply with the Cooperative's internal rules, after investigation carried out at the initiative of Cooperators.

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative acts at the level of the entire European Union, on behalf of all its Cooperators, without regard to national interests. National Organisations at the level of each Member State of the Union exist only because national legislation often prohibits non-national organisations from participating in political activities. In the long run, they are destined to disappear. National Organisations are therefore strictly subordinate to the Cooperative and their autonomy is limited to the maximum.

Full text of our statutes