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We propose to you four levels of increasing participation in the life of our Cooperative:

  1. as a Listener, you will receive our newsletter (subscribe here);
  2. as a Donor, you will contribute to the success of our activities (donate here);
  3. as a member of our Community, you will participate in our discussions on our internal workspace (register here);
  4. as a Cooperator, you will be a full member of our Cooperative and will participate in all our decision-making processes, following world-class democratic procedures (register).

Interested to learn more on how we develop?

Register for free to our newsletter to become a Listener and keep informed about our activities and events.

Willing to contribute, but having other priorities at the moment?

Become a Donor to the Cooperative, and give us concrete means to perform our work. Donate here!

Any donation above a certain threshold is subject to prior approval by the Board of the Cooperative, or by all Cooperators when above another, higher, threshold. This is to ensure the financial independence of the Cooperative relative to rich donors.

Eager to participate in our discussions?

As a member of our Community, you will participate, in a trusted, friendly and confidential setting, in our informal discussions:

  • on topics of your choice, related to social justice, environmental sustainability and pan-European democracy;
  • sharing advice, feedback, emotional support and experience on projects of all kinds contributing to the same goals as above:
    • based on volunteer work, like an NGO; or
    • involving an economic activity, like a company;
  • identifying issues and reflecting on solutions regarding:
    • the environmental or social sustainability of organisations and of economic sectors; or
    • public policies;
  • … and simply feeling good with like-minded people, being supported in your drive for a better life for all of us, in local or regional groups that meet also in real life!

To become a member of our Community, simply register for free here.

Willing to participate in all our decisions and actions?

Do you believe that:

  • The world and future generations need your action towards social justice, environmental sustainability and democracy?
  • Your action will be more effective and efficient by being part of a collective effort, performed at the scale of the whole European Union by a unified, pan-European organisation?
  • You have the right to be involved at all stages of decision-making, in the fully democratic processes of a cooperative?
  • The Society of Agreement is the long-term objective to strive for?

Then register as a Cooperator, a full member of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, with full voting and decision-making rights.

As a Cooperator, you will participate in all our decision-making processes, following world-class democratic procedures:

  • at all 3 critical stages of (1) initiative, (2) amendment and (3) selection of action proposals;
  • on all actions that commit resources of the Cooperative:
    • support to Cooperators’ projects;
    • investment in Entrepreneurial Prototypes;
    • definition of the Sustainability Actions of Organisations or Sectors to demand in EU-wide “Sustainability Dialogues” held with the management of these organisations or sectors;
    • definition of the Public Policies to defend in public elections and to implement once elected in positions of responsibility;
    • implementation of communication campaigns, or of open or internal events;
    • investment in software development or equipment;
    • selection and dismissal of the Board of Directors and of the members of the Mediation & Arbitration Council;
  • by controlling a priori the major operational decisions of the Board.

In addition, all Cooperators are also members of the Community and participate freely in its discussions.

To do so, register officially as a Cooperator. Registering as a Cooperator includes a simple, but rigorous procedure to control your identity, so that we can ensure that a given person registers once only, and hence that we preserve the democratic principle “1 person = 1 vote”.

Being a Cooperator implies also some commitment to support the Cooperative financially, namely:

We are happy to welcome you!

Need more information?

Do you need more information on our Community, on the CosmoPolitical Cooperative or on the Society of Agreement?

Then arrange a contact with an existing member of the Cooperative.