Participate as you are

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative welcomes you, as you are, with your projects, your ideas and your competences.

Our statute as a cooperative give us the flexibility to integrate a broad range of activities, including yours, into our work. We can act as an association, in a manner close to that of a trade union (without substituting for them), as a firm and as a political organisation. This flexibility enables your projects and your ideas to develop and be supported as part of our activities. Only condition: that these projects and ideas contribute, in their own way, to making our societal project, the Society of Agreement, a reality. Discuss in our Community, convince fellow Cooperators to join and support you! The door is open. It is up to you to push it.

Independently from any specific project or idea you may have, you will find, among all the activities proposed by the Cooperative, matter to participate appropriate to your current competencies. Your contribution is welcome – and needed!

You can mobilise many professional competencies, or competencies you acquired in your volunteer activities, for the Cooperative, e.g. in the fields of performing arts, communication, graphic design, law, poetry, marketing, visual arts IT, but also related to specific sectors such as agriculture, construction,  industry, banking, …

The issues to be treated by the Cooperative are very broad, so that you may want to step into areas beyond your immediate field of professional or volunteering-based competence. This is fully legitimate and very welcome! We are all impacted by environmental and social issues, and we all deserve being involved in the democratic decision-making process. Don’t worry about not being a specialist. Every person, even the most qualified academic, is an ignorant outside of his/her field of expertise. We only have one recommendation here: listen, be ready to learn and to change in your opinions and beliefs.

Beyond your immediate field of competence, you can:

  1. identify and detect problems or issues that would deserve being treated, based on your personal experience. This role is essential, as many problems too often are “below the radar”, while they are so important for those impacted by them;

  2. review, based on the abundant information available on-line, existing solutions (private actions performed by NGOs or companies, or public policies), that attempt to address the issue or problem, and how well they do it;

  3. if an existing solution works well, imagine how you could reproduce it or adapt it to your local context, based on your knowledge of this context;

  4. if no such existing solution works, you need to investigate deeper and:

    • understand the root causes of the issue or problem, based on available scientific knowledge and on the technical competence in the field of fellow Cooperators;

    • design an innovative private action or public policy that could be implemented to solve the issue or problem.

In addition, constructive and respectful criticism is always welcome. It is only when an idea has withstood a broad range of valid critics that it can claim to be robust enough to be implemented.

By engaging in these activities, by debating courteously and in good faith with other Cooperators, you will in addition learn from them and increase your competence and knowledge.