My values are conservative. How can I relate to your project of a Society of Agreement?

The long-term goal of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, the Society of Agreement, meets the aspirations of a person with conservative values in the following way.

Our objectives include to:

  • value work: everyone lives with dignity from his/her work, work that is satisfying, rewarding, in good conditions, and of an intensity adapted to his/her situation;
  • preserve and conserve essential elements of our common heritage: our landscapes, our forests, our monuments and works of art, the plants and animals that are familiar to us, while ensuring access to them for all;
  • to give everyone the opportunity to start their own business, with a universal endowment of start-up capital;
  • to ensure respect for the law:
    • delinquency is low, because society and the law are fair, and income and wealth are distributed equally;
    • the police are respected because they are worthy of respect, exemplary in their behaviour and ethics, and have the support of the public in identifying offenders.

We deliberately do not take a position on issues relating to the family or sexual minorities. We are abstaining because these are issues that divide society and are not relevant to achieving our core objectives of social justice, environmental sustainability and pan-European democracy.