What does your logo stand for?

The logo of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative is based on a Composition of 1937 by the German abstract painter Otto Freundlich (born in Stolp, now in Poland, 1878 - lived in Berlin, Cologne and Paris - killed in Maidanek camp, Poland, 1943).

Otto Freundlich supported in his works and in his writing the idea that the duty of artistic creation is to serve humankind. According to Freundlich, art must be a language that unites all human beings. This is why  he strove for an abstract form of art, for it to be understandable independently from the person's cultural background. For Otto Freundlich, works of art should remind us that humanity has the task of building a social unity.

Freundlich's utopia becomes visually tangible in his paintings and gouaches through the deliberately conceived harmony of form and colour - the "openness of all the surfaces in the picture for each other". In his works, surfaces of colour build a democracy: each is is different in colour and shape, and yet they are grouped according to their main features, and build together the dynamic architecture of the whole.

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative can be seen as an attempt to embody in real life the project this politically visionary painter.

The overall structure of its logo is that of a spiral uniting diverse colours, all surfaces being of roughly the same size, in an ascending movement. The top colours are red, for social justice, and green, for environmental sustainability. The substrate is made of blue and yellow, for the European Union (using the official colours of its flag). The origin of the spiral is brown like the earth from which all forms of life  emerge and grow. Our logo thus also symbolises the three pillars of our long-term political objective, the Society of Agreement.