Our cooperative actions for you to choose from

As a member of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative, you can, together with fellow Cooperators:

  • unite your efforts to perform a project improving the current social and economic order, in the direction of the Society of Agreement (e.g. a training, a theatre play, the provision of goods or services…). Any Cooperator – including you! – can initiate a project or join an existing one. This we call a Cooperators' Project. The lessons learnt from Cooperators’ Projects are shared with all, in the form of “How to” manuals under a Creative Commons free licence, so that they be further improved and replicated;

  • restore the meaning of your work and your pride in doing it, by democratically designing and adopting how the organisation or the economic sector that you work for, or are related to (e.g. as a supplier or a neighbour), should evolve towards environmental and social sustainability. We call this: proposing the “Sustainability Actions" of that organisation or economic sector. If trade unions are present in the organisation or sector, and willing to contribute, these actions are defined in close cooperation with them. Once defined, you will defend these Sustainability Actions collectively at the scale of the European Union in a “sustainability dialogue" with the management of the organisation, as a contribution to their compliance with the requirements of the Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Directive adopted in November 2022, in addtion to social dialogue led by trade unions and/or in the form of shareholder activism;

  • create the prototype of an innovative, productive, economically self-sustaining activity, operated by a subsidiary of the Cooperative, providing the sustainable goods and services that should become mainstream in the Society of Agreement, in the cases when these goods and services are not provided by the existing market. This we call an Entrepreneurial Prototype. The Cooperative will disseminate very broadly towards other economic actors the know-how stemming from Entrepreneurial Prototypes, so that they be improved and replicated;

  • design and adopt democratically public policies that change the legislation, regulation or public budgets in the direction of the Society of Agreement, and implement these policies by being elected to positions of responsibility in public bodies at all scales, from the municipality to the whole European Union.

Thereby, we propose to you as a Cooperator a continuous range of collective actions, from the very local, small-scale action with fast effects to the macroscopic action with long-term consequences.