Our 30-40-50 Strategy

The transformation process that we promote towards the Society of Agreement follows a "30-40-50 Strategy". Under this strategy, we  reach the three pillars of the Society of Agreement in parallel axes of effort, with staggered objectives:

  1. pan-European democracy in 2030, to have a sufficiently strong and unified political power at the scale of the European Union to overcome the resistance of economic and financial powers;
  2. social justice in 2040, so that everyone has the confidence in the future necessary to engage in the radical transformations of hir/her way of life required for it to be sustiainable;
  3. environmental sustainability in 2050, for reasons of simple survival of human civilisation.

30-40-50 strategy

In our views, pursuing these three axes of effort jointly and in parallel, being equally radical in the pursuit of each of them, in a coherent, long-term roadmap, is the only means to overcome the global challenges of the 21st century.