Our Code of Good Conduct states the spirit of our cooperation

The Statutes of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative define the precise, hard, enforceable rules defining our governance: who decides on what, when and how. They have a legal validity. Infringing them can have legal consequences in court.

We believe however that we need a set of softer, more general rules, that define the spirit and the intention of our cooperation and of our relations among Cooperators. These softer rules are the purpose of our Code of Good Conduct. We expect all Cooperators to follow them and to ensure that other Cooperators do. One of the means whereby Cooperators enforce among themselves a good cooperative behaviour is the reputation system embodied in the KuneAgi software.

These softer rules develop the Art. 2.7 of our Statutes that states “Cooperators and National Organisations of the Cooperative shall act cooperatively and in good faith with one another, in a spirit of mutual respect, caring, encouragement and support, and avoid any action or failure to act harmful to the Cooperative, to Cooperators or to National Organisations”.

We also take additional commitments, which aim at preserving the human and technical quality of our work and of our discussions and our independence.

Download the full text of our Code of Good Conduct