Why don't you focus on resisting capitalist dominance?

Anti-capitalist protest movements have emerged on several occasions (e.g. the Occupy movement in the US, Nuit Debout in France…), with the aim of resisting current neo-liberal evolutions of society. Some of them have proven to be effective at blocking or delaying unwanted policies that had been inspired by a too "corporate-friendly" agenda.

The CosmoPolitical Cooperative does not follow this road of "resistance", and takes the opposite option of proposing positive alternatives, for the following reasons:

  • it makes the classical argument of conservatives ("me or chaos", or "There Is No Alternative – TINA", dear to Margaret Thatcher) to fall out

  • the most effective way of destroying something is to replace it

  • the global challenges of the 21st century need massive changes to be undertaken in our societies, in a powerful and offensive movement, and cannot afford yet another conservative force pushing full strength on the brake.