Legal information

This website is operated by the CosmoPolitical Cooperative SCE, a European Cooperative Society registered in France on 25 April 2023 under the number: 951 007 897 R.C.S. Lille Métropole.

The headquarters of the Cooperative are located:

229, Rue Solférino
59000 Lille

The website is hosted by

Gandi SAS
63-65 boulevard Masséna
75013 Paris

The administrator of the website is Sergio ARBARVIRO, which is a pseudonym. The reasons for using a pseudonym on this website are explained here. He can be contacted at his e-mail address, which follows the structure: [given name] DOT [family name] AT kuneagi DOT org. His real identity and contact details are held by the hosting company, Gandi SAS, and can be obtained by law enforcement authorities from that company.