Our development plan

The long-term goals of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative are very ambitious: to make of the Society of Agreement a reality in 2050 or earlier, under a "30-40-50 Strategy". This is so broad that it risks being discouraging at times.

This is why, in order to have intermediate objectives on which we can focus our efforts, we have defined our Deveopment Plan, i.e. a set of concrete milestones, each defined by a target date and a set of factual achievements that we strive to achieve. This Development Plan is summarised in the table below.

The Development Plan of the CosmoPolitical Cooperative
Date Number of Cooperators Number of members of the Community Number of supported Cooperator's projects Number of supported Entrepreneurial Prototypes Number of active Sustainability Dialogues Political milestones
31-Dec-2023 100 500 - - - -
31-Dec-2024 1 000 5 000 20 1 1 20 adopted Public Policy Proposals
31-Dec-2025 10 000 50 000 100 5 10 Recognition as "European political party"
30-Jun-2029 (EU elections) 1 000 000 5 000 000 2 000 500 1 000 Political group in the European Parliament. Member of government in 10 EU Member States
31-Dec-2030           Pan-European democracy: Qualified majority for all decisions in the EU (incl. taxation), European elections on full pan-European lists, President of the Commission = leader of the winning party in elections
31-Dec-2040           Social justice: 1:10 ratio in income between top 1% and bottom 1%, 1:20 ratio in inherited wealth
31-Dec-2050           Society of Agreement