Where do you stand?

Measure your impact on climate change, using the official climate calculator relevant for your EU Member State of residence, computing the emissions of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) that your consumption generates, in the standard unit of tonnes of CO2 equivalent. The computation needs to be performed for each Member State, as the energy mix of the electricity production (renewables, gas, nuclear, coal… ) varies considerably between them:

  • AT – Austria (Ministry for Climate and Environment): Link
  • BE – Belgium (Walloon Agency for Climate): Link
  • DE – Germany (Umweltbundesamt): Link
  • FR – France (Ademe): Link or Link
  • ##


This value is to be compared to:

  • the average value per person in your Member State of residence (provided generally in the national calculator);
  • the ultimate target for 2050 or earlier, namely the emissions that are compatible with net-zero emissions, i.e. those where the residual emissions are compensated by natural carbon sinks (in forests, wetlands, grasslands...). In 2020, the carbon sinks in the EU amounted to 310 Mtonnes CO2eq / year (In-depth analysis supporting the EU Commission’s communication “A clean planet for all”, 2018), leaving space for an annual emissions budget for each of the 448 M residents in the EU (2020 figure) of 692 kg CO2eq / year.

As you see, you, and society around you, still has a considerable way to go before reaching its objective of climate neutrality in 2050 or earlier. The CosmoPolitical Cooperative is there to support you, and the European Union as a whole, to reach this target on time, with unprecedented levels of social justice and democracy, in the new social contract described as the Society of Agreement.